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IPL Hair Removal

IPL is a well known form of treatment to reduce unwanted hair, with lasting results.

IPL works by releasing a pulse of intense light over the treatment area. The light is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair and down into the root, causing a type of heat destruction.

Would IPL suit me?

Our machine works on pigmentation within the hair. Light hair (grey, blonde, red) are not suited for this treatment.
During your consultation, your skin type (fitzpatrick scale) will be assessed. Skin types V and over are not suited.

What can I expect?

Our machine is the latest technology and can be virtually pain free, (depending on the area being treated and density of hair), compared to other machines.
Results vary from person to person and we cannot guarantee individual results.
Results should start to be noticeable by the second or third treatment. We recommend 'before' photos, because results are gradual and can be underestimated.

The average person can expect at least an 80% reduction, and up to 98% in 'ideal' clients, but never 100%. Age, hair, skin type, hormones, and medical conditions will play a big part in overall results.

How many treatments will I need?

Again, this is too variable to guarantee or predict with any individual. Most clients complete treatment anywhere between 8-12 sessions.
Hormonal hair growth will require 'touch up' treatments after a time.

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